Bachelor Hospitality Business Management



The Bachelor Program last 3 years and it is composed of 6 semesters, including 1 industry internship. In addition, a 2 semester Preparatory Year, including 1 industry internship is required before starting the Bachelor Program.

This preparatory year is optional for students who fulfill the necessary prerequisites: A minimum of 400 hours of practical experience in hospitality or gastronomy and practical service knowledge, equivalent to Semester 1 of the Bachelor.

Our bachelor degree is awarded upon completion of the 3-year mandatory program.

The Program is based on the following principles:

  • Hands on learning and maximum of interactivity
  • To ensure excellent graduate employability
  • Maximum interaction and exchanges between students and professionals during internships
  • Acquire adaptive level of IT and foreign languages

Program Objectives


  • Recognize and interpret the different trends, challenges and scenarios in the hospitality and tourism industries
  • Explain the foundation and conceptual framework of hospitality businesses, from operational to managerial perspectives
  • Explain the role and impacts of businesses in the development of environmental, social and financial sustainability
  • Analyze human psychology in decision making, career development and business management
  • Identify the dynamics of hospitality stakeholders and the career opportunities it offers


  • Develop critical thinking skills through a foundation of broad and varied academic fields of study
  • Demonstrate the ability to make decisions, solve problems and think critically in hospitality business related scenarios
  • Negotiate and discuss hospitality business related issues with confident and ease
  • Undertake tasks and responsibilities with quality and spirit of pride, service and excellence
  • Demonstrate effective management and operational techniques in hospitality operations (hotel, F&B, events etc.)
  • Apply effective verbal and non-verbal communication to ensure delivering the right impression and impact when dealing with clients and colleagues



  • Embrace hospitality as a form of attitude and experience applicable to other sectors
  • Elaborate adequate behaviors and attitudes in different professional and cultural situations

Additional Information

Admission Criteria :


Admissions are opened to candidates holding a higher secondary education diploma with a good basic knowledge of English and French.

Students should have successfully passed their secondary high school final examination and be able to submit official proof of their graduation delivered by their high-school.

When considering online applications and school records, we will focus on selecting students with grades significantly above the admissible minimum and excellent grades in specific subjects that will be required for the student to successfully

achieve SHBM’s learning objectives.

In order to join the program, students must meet language

proficiency levels in both English and French. The minimum

level required in both languages is an upper B1/lower B2 which corresponds to the following:



Upper B1: TOEIC 780 / IELTS 5

Lower B2: TOEIC 785 / IELTS 5.5



B1 / B2: CECRL Niveau utilisateur indépendant


Selection procedure : Examination of application file + written test + on site interview


Year 1 : Preparatory

Semester 1 & 2 focus on providing students with practical experience and knowledge. They include Kitchen, Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Business Basics, Language and Terminology modules as well as specific topics such as Hygiene and Safety, followed by an operational internship in the hospitality industry

Year 2 : Foundation

Semester 3 & 4 are composed of modules laying out the Foundation of Hospitality Management and Tourism Management, modules providing business tools such as Accounting, Microeconomics and Computer Applications, an Introduction to Marketing and again specific topics such as Legal and Ethics, Performance in the Workplace, along with the complementary language modules.

Year 3 : Determination

Semester 5 is geared towards applied management, business analysis and the strengthening of marketing knowledge supplemented by communication and culture modules and the choice of one elective amongst the following: Developing Entrepreneurial projects, Event Management and Managing the Travel Business. It is followed by an administrative internship within the hospitality industry which makes up for the 6th semester.

Year 4 : In-Depth

Semester 7 & 8 aim to deepen the students’ knowledge through integrated business analysis, integrated hospitality and tourism management, advanced management and marketing strategy. Two specialization will be chosen among the following: Trends in Hospitality Franchising, Design and Financing new touristic products, Advanced International travel Management, Trends and innovation in Hospitality, Leadership & Professional Development. Complementary modules include Project Management, Cross Cultural Management. An Integrated Project in Hospitality / Tourism concludes the fourth year.