Collective Intelligence Master Degree



The Masters in Collective Intelligence will train students in the basic pillars of collective intelligence, including cognitive and data sciences as well as participatory methods and organizational design. Particular emphasis will be placed on mastering experimental and statistical techniques for testing the effectiveness of different methods for maximizing collective intelligence. Students will gather experience applying these methods in research and/or real-world settings.

Career Outlook

Interest in collective intelligence is on the rise in corporations, universities, and society at large. This program will prepare graduates for a range of careers as data scientists, information systems or technology management experts, and human resources or organizational transformation specialists.

Program Highlights

  • Masters students in Collective Intelligence will learn to think critically and scientifically about data, human behavior, and practical problems such as leading positive behavior change within teams, organizations and communities.
  • They will learn how to carefully design behavioral experiments and randomized controlled studies, in which experimenters manipulate variables between experimental conditions in order to infer causal information about how the mind works and/or the effectiveness of certain interventions within organizations.
  • In addition, students will develop technical skills in the areas of data science, statistics and computer science (e.g., designing computer systems to augment and complement collective
  • reasoning and problem-solving). Finally, they will gain experience designing and applying technologies that reinforce collective intelligence in real-world settings.

Additional Information

Language  : English

Duration  : 2 years full-time

Format : on campus

Campus : UM6P – Ben Guérir

Registration fee  : 5.000 Dhs

Tuition costs  :  75.000 Dhs / year

Qualifications  :

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree (BA) or equivalent. Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of our Master’s degree, we are open to all disciplines.

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their skills and motivation.

Selection procedure : Application Review + Written Exam + Oral Interview


Master 1

  • Programming, Data Science and Statistics 1
  • Cognitive Science 1
  • Experimental Methods 1
  • Scientific English
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startup Design
  • Programming, Data Science and Statistics 2
  • Computer Science Methods in Collective Intelligence 2
  • Cognitive Science 2
  • Experimental Methods 2
  • History and Philosophy of Collective Intelligence
  • Facilitation and Organizational Change
  • Short internship in first year with Moroccan company, or NGO

Master 2

  • Programming, Data Science and Statistics 3
  • Computer Science Methods in Collective Intelligence 3
  • Cognitive Science 3
  • Experimental Methods 3
  • Political Science and Participatory Governance
  • Evidence-based Leadership in Companies

At the end of the second year, students will undertake a 6-month internship, acquainting themselves with the job market, and new areas of research. The objective is to apply and specialize in one of the three fields.