Master of Agribusiness Innovation




The Master of Agribusiness Innovation is an interdisciplinary program specializing in Agriculture Science, Business Management, and Innovation. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and competencies needed to develop and manage new Agriculture ventures in Africa. The two-year program trains students to lead the transformation of African agriculture and offers valuable incubation opportunities. Through this experiential learning opportunity, students will apply their knowledge of data management, Agri-economics, agriculture value chain analysis, entrepreneurship, and finance to build forward-looking ventures. They will also be empowered to design, finance, and manage new businesses to meet the challenges of agriculture in Africa.

Career Outlook

In addition to training students to lead the transformation of African agriculture, the program offers valuable incubation opportunities. It also enables its graduates to become agribusiness analysts, developers, trainers, and entrepreneurs in the field of agribusiness services.



Program Highlights


We implement experiential learning pedagogical philosophy, which places the student at the heart of the learning system. In this philosophy, the mission of the professor is to implement, throughout the course, varied and innovative educational devices, intended to ensure that the student is a progressive, autonomous, and responsible actor in his/her training.

Our pedagogy motivates students to work individually and in groups applying their knowledge and skills in solving real-world problems.

  • Students in Master of Agribusiness Innovation will understand the interconnectedness of real-world phenomena and apply knowledge from multiple sources to collaboratively explore innovative solutions.
  • They will learn how to evaluate the impact of trade policy, common markets, trading blocks, market instability, commodity problems, legal agreements, and environmental regulations on imports, exports, production, and decision-making in Agriculture.
  • In addition, students will practice critical thinking to analyze any sort of problems related to the agribusiness industry by applying relevant concepts and frameworks.
  • Finally, they will demonstrate a responsible leadership mindset, incorporating social, Agri-economic, and ethical dimensions for an inclusive organization.



Additional Information


Language: English

Duration: 2 years full-time




Registration fee: 5.000 Dhs


Tuition costs:  75.000 Dhs / year

Campus: UM6P – Rabat and Ben Guérir

Format: On-campus



The Master of Agribusiness Innovation Program is open to highly qualified candidates with an undergraduate diploma. Africa-based students and young professionals are encouraged to apply, as well as candidates from international geographies who wish to master the competencies needed to develop agribusiness projects in Africa.

Candidates must hold Bachelor’s degree (BA) or equivalent, related to Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Bioscience, Economics, Business, and Management

Selection procedure:

Successful candidates must perform a competitive entry exam, participate in admission interviews, and demonstrate English fluency. The application deadline will be on March 31st.

Application Review + Written Exam + Oral Interview



Year 1

Introduction to Agriculture in Africa


Data Analytics

Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership

Operations Management



Sustainable Water, Soil, and Forestry Management

Agriculture Risk Management

Finance and Accounting

Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (I)

Strategic Management

Laws, Standards, and Policies in Agriculture


Year 2

Agriculture Services Development

Technological Trends in Agriculture

Sustainable Agribusiness

Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (II)

Energy Aspects in Agribusiness

Community Engagement

Internship or incubation of the final project in a start-up incubator:

In this semester, students will be prepared to develop, fund, and lead new ventures that address Agriculture challenges in Africa.